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Video Production

Bridgwater CollegeWe are very proud of our involvent with Somerset Chamber of Commerce and the Somerset Business Awards, we will have taken 25 students and made over 40 films in the space of 4 weeks, giving them the opportunity to work with real companies on a real project with a real deadline, giving them an experience they wil never forget.

The Somerset Business Awards are a brilliant opportunity for students to exercise their storytelling skills while making contacts in the real business world, at the same time educating others about what is involved in content production, and how we can help the local business community.

Art, design and media is a busy and energetic department that pride themselves in working to professional standards with professional practitioners. We deliver courses from L1 to Degree, training the next generation for work in the creative industries.We have awards for our designs, animations and photography as well as being involved in a huge variety of film projects- from drama to public information, working with charity groups and big business.